Difference Between Compression Fitting and Union

Difference Between Compression Fitting and Union

Let's understand the basic structural and chemical difference between Compression Fitting and Union

Know the the most basic Difference Between Compression Fitting and Union and Price Difference Between Compression Fitting and Union

Compression fitting vs Union

Compression fitting vs Union

Compression Fitting

Compression fittings are one of the easiest and fastest ways to join two lines. These Compression connections are also know as Hydraulic fittings. These fittings are suitable to use on hard copper pipe and soft tubing that has a 3/8" or smaller outside diameter (like faucets and icemakers). Compression fittings size vary widely according to the outside diameter like a 1/2" OD pipe would require a 1/2" compression fitting.

These Compression fittings are available in many materials including Copper, Brass & Stainless Steel. These fittings are used in instrumentation system connections. There are many types of Compression fittings such as:

  • Tube Fitting,Single Ferrule Compression Fitting
  • Tube Fitting ,Two Ferrule Compression Fitting
  • Tube Fitting, Inverted Two Ferrule Compression
  • Brass Compression Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
  • Air Brake Hose End Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Fittings Reducers, Olives And Nuts
  • PL Nickel-Plated Brass Spigot Fittings
  • Transmission Fittings, Push-To-Connect
  • Slotted Sleeve Transmission Fittings
  • Ermeto DIN Fitting Components For High Pressure Hydraulic Tube Fittings



union, is type of fitting and similar to a coupling, whic is used to disconnection of pipes for maintenance or fixture replacement. In contrast to a coupling requiring solvent welding, soldering, or rotation (for threaded couplings), a union is in demad due to very easy connection and disconnection, multiple times if needed.

There are three parts of pipe union: 

  • A nut
  • A female end
  • A male end


Types of pipe unions:

There are two basic types of pipe unions: 

  • Ground Joint Union
  • Flange Union


Applications & uses of union fittings:

  • Fire protection
  • Process piping system
  • Water and wastewater etc.


Size: 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 1/2 inch

Price of union fitting:

  • S.S. Compression Female Bulk Head Union
    Rs 110/ Piece
  • SS Sanitary Pipe Union, Size: 1 Inch
    Rs 700/ Depend on Size
  • Union Pipe Fittings
    Rs 80/ Kilogram(s)
  • Copper Union Tee, Size: 1/2 inch, for Structure Pipe
    Rs 125/ Piece
  • Stainless Steel Union Tee, Size: 1/2 inch, for Hydraulic Pipe
    Rs 100/ Piece

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