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Bolt Weight Calculator

There are many different kinds of Bolt Weight Calculator that are available online and depending on the website at which this calculator is available, it can either be used to calculate the weight of just bolts or it can also be used to calculate the weight of bolts, washers and nuts too. Nut bolt weight calculator in excel, as well as anchor bolt weight calculator excel, use certain very secret combinations of weights, sampled dimensions and theoretical dimensions, so as to arrive at the result. Stud bolt weight calculator is easy to use, all one has to do is enter certain details in the blank fields of the online calculator and one gets to know the weight of the stud bolts.

There is no need for any bolt weight formula to calculate the weight of a bolt, just find an online calculator and calculate the weight of the bolt easily. Eye bolt weight calculator and flange bolt weight chart are ways used today to calculate the weights of eye bolts and flange bolts and these types of calculators and charts are very easy and convenient to use and they are readily available for free online. By searching on the internet, it is possible to get a number of weight of bolts nuts and washers metric PDF and metric bolt weight calculator online, to make it easy to calculate the weights of such objects.

The Bolt Weight Calculator is an extremely important tool that is supplied free of cost at the websites of some manufacturers dealing with bolts, as potential customers need to understand the weight of bolts, so as to enable them to calculate things like jobsite delivery requirements, shipping costs, etc.

Hex Bolt Weight & Rate Calculator