Inconel 718 Plate




Inconel are a group of metals including the 718 Inconel Cold Rolled Plate which have one of the highest resistance to oxidation. This being said, the 718 Alloy Shim Sheet has the capacity to resist oxidation even when the alloy has been subjected to heat and pressure.


Inconel 718 Plate
Inconel 718 Plate
 Alloy 718 Sheet
Alloy 718 Sheet
UNS N07718 Coils
UNS N07718 Coils



Apart from this the JIS NCF 718 Hot Rolled Plates possesses a high creep strength and can withstand an elevated temperature of up to 1300ºF. At such high temperatures usually other alloy grades such as carbon steels and aluminium would succumb to creep, unlike the ASME SB670 Alloy 718 Strip, which is built to last such an extreme environmental condition. As the alloy can be used in extreme temperature settings, the Werkstoff No 2.4668 Coils can be applied in those environments that have cryogenic temperatures.


The alloy has high temperature strength, which in turn has been achieved by precipitation hardening this nickel ASTM B670 UNS N07718 Cold Drawn Plate. The Alloy 718 Plate is often referred to as a Gamma double prime strengthened alloy with superior weldability. The Alloy 718 Sheet has outstanding resistance to post weld cracking, usually seen in welded alloy grades


Chemical Structure of Alloy 718 Sheet
Ni Cr Fe Mo Nb+Ta C Mn Si Ph S Ti Cu B Al Co
Min 50 17 Bal 2.8 4.75 - - - - - 0.65 - - 0.20 -
Max 55 21 - 3.3 5.50 0.08 0.035 0.35 0.015 0.015 1.15 0.30 0.0006 0.80 1.00


Mechanical Properties Chart of ASTM B670 UNS N07718 Strips
0.2% Proof Stress Tensile Strength Elongation Reduction of area Hardness
Min Min Min Min Min
1034 1275 12 15 331


Equivalent of Werkstoff No 2.4668 Coils
718 2.4668 N07718


Specifications, sizes and thickness of Inconel 718 Plate
Specifications ASTM B670 / ASME SB670
Sheet Thickness 0.1mm to 12 mm Thk
Alloy 718 Plate Size
1220 mm x 2440 mm, 1000 mm x 2000 mm, 2000 mm x 4000 mm, 2000 mm x 2000 mm, 1500 mm x 3000 mm
Available Finish Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2D, 2B, SATIN, BA NO(8), Hot rolled plate (HR)
Nickel Alloy 718 Sheet Form Coils, Rolls, Flats, Strip, Foils, Ring (Flange), Blank (Circle), Shim Sheet, Plain Sheet
Alloy 718 Sheet Hardness Quarter Hard, Half Hard, Hard, Spring Hard, Soft etc


Most frequent types of Alloy 718 Plates
JIS NCF 718 Hot Rolled Plates
JIS NCF 718 Hot Rolled Plates
 Werkstoff No 2.4668 Cold Rolled plate
Werkstoff No 2.4668 Cold Rolled plates
ASME SB670 Alloy 718 Strip
ASME SB670 Alloy 718 Strip
ASTM B670 UNS N07718 Cold Drawn Plate
ASTM B670 UNS N07718 Cold Drawn Plates


Inconel 718 Sheet Sizes
What is the difference between Inconel 718 rectangular plate and shim sheet?

The Inconel 718 is a nickel chromium alloy stabilized with cobalt, niobium and titanium. It is manufactured in different shapes and sizes. The rectangular plates and shim sheets are among the products. The shim is a thin piece of plate that is often used to fill in the gap or to level up the surface or to create gaps between two objects. The square plates on the other hand are produced according to requirements in perfect square shapes. They are used in making up platforms, surfaces and structures. In short, the shim sheet is cut in uneven sizes and shapes to fill in the gap where the square plates are ordered and applied in a predetermined square shape.

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