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Nickel 200 Forging

Nickel 200 Forging

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Nickel 200 Ring

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Nickel 200 Circle

We at Siddhagiri Metals & tubes are known as specialist in Nickel 200 Forgings, 75% of our customers are associated with us for their regular requirements of Nickel 200 Forgings, many suppliers from China also procures Nickel 200 Forgings from us because We have the specialization & 28 years of experience to manufacture Nickel 200 Forgings .

Please note: we may supply special diameters in small quantities at request

Nickel 200 Forgings Manufacturer & Industrial Suppliers

Nickel grade UNS Werkstoff DIN
NICKEL 200 UNS N02200 24,066 Ni 99.2

Nickel Alloy Forgings

  • Nickel alloy flanges and valve bodies

Nickel Alloy Pipe Fittings 

  • Tees, elbows, caps and reducers 

Complete Piping Systems in Nickel Alloys 

  • Installation and testing

Nickel Alloy Valves

Nickel Alloy Fasteners (Grades Handled: Hastelloy C276, Inconel 625/ 718, Monel 400, Alloy 20, Duplex Steel, Super Duplex)

Nickel Alloy in Grade Cupro Nickel (90/10, 70/30, 66/30/2/2)
Hastelloy (C-4, C-22, C276, B-2)
Nickel (200 / 201 / 205)
Monel (400 & K500)
Inconel (600, 601, 625 & 825)
Incoloy (800, 800H)
Alloy 20
Duplex Steel
SS 904L
Titanium (1 & 2) Etc.
Test Certificate for
Nickel 200 Forgings
Manufacturer Test Certificate / Under Third Party Inspection

Nickel 200 Forgings Application
Nickel 200 Forgings Uses

Exceptional manufacturing facilities, enhanced technical expertise and extended global reach allow Siddhagiri Metal to produce precision, high-tech, high-integrity forgings, allowing our customers to meet and exceed today’s challenging drilling, exploration, production, and completion environments in the oil and gas industry. Such applications include well heads, trees, BOP components, HPHT fluid end blocks, riser flanges, rams, rolled rings, and manifolds.

For the power industry, Siddhagiri Metal produces high-integrity forgings including turbine castings, flanges, valves, bolts, rolled rings, and forged blades.

Nickel 200 Forgings Order & Packing Information
  Min. Order: 10 Pieces (or please enquire for your customized order)
Trade Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Packing: as per requirement
Place of Origin: Mumbai, India
Means of Transport: Land, Ocean
Delivery Date: one or two week
Forged Shapes

Forged Blocks
Forged Rings
Forged Discs
Forged Round Bars
Forged Flat Bars
Step Downs & Special Shapes
Customized Forged Shapes


Up to 72" max OD

10,000 lbs. max.


3" DIA up to 54" Dia
15000 lbs. max.

Round Bars 1 1/2" DIA up to 36" DIA
240" long 20,000 lbs. max.
Blocks up to 48" cross section
15,000 lbs. max.
Flat bars 1" SQ up to 36" WIDE
240" long 20,000 lbs. max.
Step downs and special shapes Send us your drawing

Sizes in all categories will depend on grade of material and dimensional requirements.


Saw Cutting

We perform saw cutting of initial billet, prior to forging as well as trimming ends for product, prior to shipping. Siddhagiri Metal also provides the following capabilities on one of our five band saws.


Siddhagiri Metal has the capability to machine your part to near net shape, in house. Our manual lathes and milling machines can machine your forging to cnc ready, improving your lead-time.

Heat Treating

Proper thermal processing is essential in the manufacturing of quality parts. Annealing after forging, removes stresses produced during the forging process.

Non-Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic testing, bounces a sound wave through the forging looking for a back reflection, which could mean a defect in the material.

Destructive Testing

Testing such as charpy impact, tensile, stress rupture, grain size, macro and micro, can be performed by forging an extra test coupon, using an extra forging or putting a prolongation on the forging and removing it for testing.

Other Available Grades

Nickel Alloys Forgings
Nickel 200 Forgings
Nickel 201 Forgings
Nickel 205 Forgings
Nickel 212 Forgings
Nickel 270 Forgings
DURANICKEL alloy 301 Forgings
MONEL alloys Forgings
MONEL alloy 400 Forgings
MONEL alloy 401 Forgings
MONEL alloy 404 Forgings
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MONEL alloy K-500 Forgings
Duplex Steel SAF 2304 Forgings
Duplex Steel SAF 2205 Forgings
Duplex Steel SAF 2507 Forgings
HASTELLOY C-22 HS alloy Forgings
HASTELLOY C-276 alloy Forgings
INCONEL alloy 600 Forgings
INCONEL alloy C-276 Forgings
INCONEL alloy G-3 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 601 Forgings
INCONEL alloy HX Forgings
INCONEL alloy 22 Forgings
INCONEL alloy N06230 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 601GC Forgings
INCONEL alloy 603XL Forgings
INCONEL alloy 617 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 625 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 625LCF Forgings
INCONEL alloy 686 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 690 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 693 Forgings

INCONEL alloy 706 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 718 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 718SPF™ Forgings
INCONEL alloy 725 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 740 Forgings
INCONEL alloy X-750 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 751 Forgings
INCONEL alloy MA754 Forgings
INCONEL alloy MA758 Forgings
INCONEL alloy 783 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 800 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 800H Forgings
Incoloy alloy 800HT Forgings
Incoloy alloy 803 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 825 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 832 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 864 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 890 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 903 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 907 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 908 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 909 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 925 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 945 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 945X Forgings
Incoloy alloy MA956 Forgings
Incoloy alloy DS Forgings
Incoloy alloy 020 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 028 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 330 Forgings
Incoloy alloy 25-6HN Forgings
Incoloy alloy 25-6MO Forgings
Incoloy alloy 27-7MO Forgings
Incoloy alloy A-286 Forgings


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