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Rod & Round Bar Weight Calculator


How to calculate Round Bar Weight?

Round Bar Weight Calculation Formula

  • Weight of Round Bar can be calculated by multiplying the Volume (V) with Density(d) of Material.

    Weight(W) = Volume(V) * Density(d)

Round Bar Volume Calculation Formula

  • The round bar has diameter and length, So we first calculate the volume of round bar using above formula.

    Volume(V) = Diameter(D) * Length(L)

Round Bar Area Calculation Formula

  • The area of Round Bar can be calculated from Radius(R) & Height(H) by using following formula.

    Area = 2*π*R2 + (2*π*R*H)

Calculate Cost of Round Bar

  • By using below formula we can calculate the total price.

    P = Price(1Kg) * Number of Pieces(Q) * Weight(W)