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Rod & Round Bar Weight Calculator

By using an advanced web application known as the Round Bar Weight Calculator, it has now become very easy to calculate the weight of round bars. Be it a structural steel weight calculator or a metal weight calculator free download, these calculators are immensely useful tools of today and they help people easily calculate an estimate of the weight of various material types, based on their shapes and dimensions. Material weight calculation formula and material weight calculation formula in kg can now very easily be calculated. All it takes is looking for these types of calculators, which are available for free, on the World Wide Web.

Steel weight calculation formula excel lets you calculate the weight of steel very easily, by entering in the blank fields in an Excel sheet calculator, data such as specific weight, length, bar weight, number of bars, etc. There are some websites that let you have the steel weight calculation formula PDF or even the SS Round bar weight calculation formula PDF for free, all you have to do is just enter your email id and this is then sent to your email address.

All one has to do is enter in the fields in the online Round Bar Weight Calculator, data such as diameter, length of round bar and the material and click on the calculate button and one will get the answer to the weight of the round bar.


How to calculate Round Bar Weight?

Round Bar Weight Calculation Formula

  • Weight of Round Bar can be calculated by multiplying the Volume (V) with Density(d) of Material.

    Weight(W) = Volume(V) * Density(d)

Round Bar Volume Calculation Formula

  • The round bar has diameter and length, So we first calculate the volume of round bar using above formula.

    Volume(V) = Diameter(D) * Length(L)

Round Bar Area Calculation Formula

  • The area of Round Bar can be calculated from Radius(R) & Height(H) by using following formula.

    Area = 2*π*R2 + (2*π*R*H)

Calculate Cost of Round Bar

  • By using below formula we can calculate the total price.

    P = Price(1Kg) * Number of Pieces(Q) * Weight(W)